Tools for supporting building and deployment of AWS Lambda Functions
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$ cnpm install @devopsventures/lambdatools 
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This is a set of utilities to assist in building AWS Lambda functions for deployment to AWS. It is a Node.js application bundle that provides a number of utility sub commands to make it easier to work with building Lambda code bundles.


$ npm install -g @devopsventures/lambdatools



The zip command will zip up a specified directory, excluding any files as per the exclusion template so that it can used as a deployment bundle for an AWS Lambda.


Zip up the current working directory using the default (Node.js exclusion template).

lambdatools zip .

The above command will create a zip file of the name of the current working directory in the current working directory. For example if the current working directory was /tmp/my-lambda, then the zip file created would be /tmp/my-lambda/my-lambda.zip.

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