Reduce general Tomcat output to only what you care about
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$ cnpm install @dellamina/tomcat-notify 
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This is a simple package to reduce general Tomcat output to only what you care about.

Its behavior is based on some rules ./src/Rules.js, from color logging in console to desktop notification.

All your configurations are stored in the config file ~/config/configstore/@dellamina/tomcat-notify/config.json .


You can install this package with npm install -g and then you can run tomcat-notify from everywhere on your pc or you can simply use node index.js from the installation directory.

To remove just run npm uninstall -g @dellamina/tomcat-notify .


Usage: index [options] [command]


    -v, --version  output the version number
    -h, --help     output usage information


    run [options]  Run a specific tomcat.
    add            Configure a new tomcat.
    rm             Remove an available tomcat.
    list           List all available tomcat.
    open           Open tomcat folder in file explorer.

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