Create .gitignore has never been so easy
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$ cnpm install @dellamina/gitignore-cli 
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Gitignore cli

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Creating .gitignore has never been so easy

gi is a cli wrapper for gitignore.io api to generate .gitignore files on the fly, you only need to supply the desired tags (languages, framework, platform, etc) and (optionaly) the output directory (defaults to cwd).


You can install this package with npm i -g @dellamina/gitignore-cli and then you can run gi from everywhere on your pc.


If you are not happy you can uninstall with npm rm -g @dellamina/gitignore-cli, an issue would be also cool to know why gi was not for you :)


gi has two main commands, run is also the default comman if no argument is passed:

  • run (default) that leverages inquirer.js to get the needed parameters
  • for that acceps a variable number of arguments to be used as tags and a switch(-o, --output) for the destination folder


Usage: gi [options] [command]


  -v, --version            output the version number
  -h, --help               output usage information


  run                      Generate .gitignore interactively
  for [options] <tags...>  Generate .gitignore from the passed arguments


    -o, --output <directory>  output directory
    -h, --help                output usage information

  help                     Show help message

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