A Skeletor plugin to lint JavaScript files with ESlint
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$ cnpm install @deg-skeletor/plugin-eslint 
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Skeletor ESLint Plugin

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The purpose of this plugin is to lint a project's JavaScript using ESLint. This plugin is part of the Skeletor ecosystem. To learn more about Skeletor, go here.


Install this plugin into your Skeletor-equipped project via the following terminal command:

    npm install --save-dev @deg-skeletor/plugin-eslint


The configuration for this plugin mimics the standard configuration patterns for ESLint (learn more here).

Example Configuration

config: {
    source: 'source/js/**/*.js'

Configuration Options


Type: String A file path or globbing pattern of source files that should be processed. NOTE: When this plugin is run as part of skel watch task, only the changed file will be processed.


Type: String Default: codeframe See ESLint's included formatters for options.

For a detailed list of configuration options, check out ESLint's options.

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