CLI for scraping hosted manga images to local file system
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$ cnpm install @davidlazic/manga-scraper-cli -g
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Manga Scraper CLI

Download mangas of your own choosing from specific providers.
Written in TypeScript.

Table of Contents

  1. Installation
  2. Entities
    2.1 Providers
    2.2 Entries
  3. Usage
    3.1 Basics
    3.2 Commands
    3.3 Flags
  4. Development
    4.1 Node version
    4.2 Local build
  5. Improvements
  6. License


$ npm i -g @davidlazic/manga-scraper-cli

Notice: It is advised that you use Node version 10+ and do a global CLI installation.



The CLI only supports scraping of websites (called providers) that come bundled with the CLI. There is no option to extend supported providers via external configuration file.
You can see available providers by using the following command:

$ ms list providers

Notice: Code used for scraping these providers might stop working if providers introduce changes on their end, so please send a provider update request.


Entries JSON file represents configuration file which needs to contain the entries array field. The CLI will list all entries as download options.
You can see available entries by using the following command:

$ ms list entries --url <ENTRIES_PATH>

Notice: URL can point to a local file or remotely hosted one, but needs to be an absolute path.

Here's an example of entries JSON file:

  "entries": [
      "name": "Jackals",
      "providers": {
        "https://mangairo.com": { "id": 1288902540 }

Name field represents manga name.
Providers field describes a manga ID on a supported provider.

Notice: You will need to manually look for manga IDs on available providers and create entries JSON accordingly.



CLI is accessible by using the ms command.

Make sure the CLI can access and read your own entries JSON.

$ ms list entries -url https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DavidLazic/manga-scraper-cli/master/db.example.json

Download options selection.

$ ms download --url https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DavidLazic/manga-scraper-cli/master/db.example.json


ms list, ls <providers|entries>

List all supported download providers or available entries from a JSON configuration file.

ms download, dl

Start download options selection.


ms -u, --url <ENTRIES_PATH> (required)

Provide the CLI with location path to your entries JSON file. Path can describe location of a local or remotely hosted file.

Notice: Path needs to be absolute.

ms -V, --version

Echo the current CLI version

ms -h, --help

List available CLI flags and commands


In order to run the CLI in development mode, you'll need to install Node version manager, Win / OSX.

Node version

Make sure you're using compatible Node version:

// Switch to Node version described in .nvmrc file
$ nvm use

// If you don't have the right version, you can install it via
$ nvm install <VERSION>

Notice: These commands might be different between Win / OSX platforms, so please read the correlating nvm documentation on how to install / switch Node versions.

Local build

$ npm start

This task will create dist directory and link it locally.
It will enable you to use the ms command as though you've installed the CLI from the npm registry.


  • [ ] Write provider tests
  • [ ] Add more providers


Copyright (c) 2019 David Lazic. Licensed under the MIT license.

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