Functions for composing asset pipelines
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$ cnpm install @dashkite/brick 
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Functions for reading, writing, and processing files, also known as asset pipelines.

import * as b from "@dashkite/brick"

do b.start [
  b.glob [ "{src,test}/**/*.coffee" ], "."
  b.tr ({path}, code) ->
    coffee.compile code,
      bare: true
      inlineMap: true
      filename: path
        presets: [[
          targets: node: "current"
  b.extension ".js"
  b.write "build"

Use with Genie to run build functions using a task runner command-line interface.


Brick’s composition is based on the use of reactors, also known as asynchronous iterators. The start function takes a list of functions that, together, yield a reactor, and waits on each value in turn. What this means is that we never iterate through a list of files more than once within a given function, even though it may appear otherwise. For all intents and purposes, you can imagine the reactors, like read and write as simply operating on a single file.


start steps

GIven a list of (possibly asynchronous) functions, composes them and returns an asynchronous function.

glob patterns, directory

Given a list of glob patterns and a base directory, returns a reactor that produces paths that match the patterns.


Each of the following functions technically takes a reactor as an argument, but we’ve omitted that, since they’re intended to be composed together, in which case, the reactor argument is passed via composition.


Reads each file. Typically used after glob.

tr processor

Given a processor function that takes a path specification and text, invokes the processor for each file. Typically used after read to compile or translate a file.

extension text

Sets the extension to be used by write.

write directory

Given a directory, writes each file out based on the relative path.

copy directory

May be used in place of read and write when you simply want to copy a file from one directory to another using a stream.

Convenience Functions

These functions are intended to be used by themeslves and are included for convenience.

watch path, handler

Watch a directory or file and call a handler in response to changes.

server directory, options

Starts a static Web Server serving files from the given directory. Options:

  • fallback: Specify a relative path to return when the request would otherwise return 404 Not Found.

exec command, arguments

Spawn a child process to run the given command, with the given arguments.

node script, arguments

Spawn a child process to run a given Node script, with the given arguments.

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