The tooling for deployment of dapplet modules to registries.
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$ cnpm install @dapplets/cli 
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Dapplets CLI

The tooling for deployment of dapplet modules to registries.


Install Globally

npm install -g @dapplets/cli

Install Locally

npm install --save-dev @dapplets/cli


Usage: dapplet [options] [command]

  -V, --version            output the version number
  -r, --registry [address] set the registry endpoint address. default: https://test.dapplets.org
  -a, --account <account>  set the account name
  -k, --key <key>          set the account key
  -h, --help               output usage information

  create                   create new module
  deploy                   run deploy of module to registry
  add-site <hostname>      add site-binding
Usage: deploy [options]

run deploy of module to registry

  -A, --archive  publish archive modules from "archive" folder
  -h, --help     output usage information


Run dapplet from a project root directory containing a manifest.json file.

The following global parameters can be filled using environment variables:

Parameter Environment Variable

Example of Windows command line:

$ set DAPPLET_CLI_REGISTRY=https://test.dapplets.org && set DAPPLET_CLI_ACCOUNT=test && set DAPPLET_CLI_KEY=testkey && dapplet deploy

Generate new module

$ dapplet create
  1. Answer the questions.
  2. After creating a project change dir to a created directory and run npm start to build and run watching.
  3. Add dependencies (e.g. adapters), which you will use in your code via @Inject() decorators, into manifest.json file:
"dependencies": {
  // branch - default
  "twitter-adapter.dapplet-base.eth": "0.3.5",
  // specific branch
  "twitter-adapter.dapplet-base.eth": {
    "default": "0.3.5",
    "legacy": "0.3.5",
    "new": "0.3.5"
  1. Add URL to the Developer tab of the Extension: http://localhost:10001/dapplets.json
  2. Turn on your Feature in the Features tab and refresh context page.

Deploy package to registry

$ dapplet -a test -k testkey deploy

Deploy package with archive modules to registry [WILL BE DEPRECATED]

$ dapplet -a test -k testkey deploy --archive

Archive modules will be loaded from archive subfolder of root project folder. An archive directory must contain folders with the version name containing a manifest and module script.

Example of archive directory structure:


Add site-binding

$ dapplet -a test -k testkey add-site example.com

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