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$ cnpm install @daonomic/sol-merger 
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Build status

Build status


Right now it only works with solidity files that are in node_modules or relative to your solidity file.

Simple usage:

npm i --save-dev sol-merger

Then add following line to your package.json.

  "scripts": {
    "build-contracts": "sol-merger './contracts/*.sol' ./build"

Note that contracts glob should be surrounded with "

If no output file specified then output file will be created at the same directory and appended with _merged (by default), i.e. MyContract_merged.sol. You can also change this behaviour by specifying --append option:

sol-merger --append _me "./contracts/*.sol"
sol-merger -a _me "./contracts/*.sol"

You can also get help via --help command

sol-merger -h
sol-merger --help

More info about glob available at node-glob repository

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