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$ cnpm install @daocasino/dc-core 
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This repository stores source code that implements logic behind core solution elements. Actual source files are stored in the src folder. src/index.ts file interacts with other files from this folder.

  • ChannelState.ts contains the channel state change logic during a game session. It indicates when a state is changed and how the parties approve it.
  • DApp.ts contains the general game logic.
  • DAppDealerInstance.ts and DAppPlayerInstance contain the code applied to create and run a specific game instance (session) - bankroller and player side- according to the general workflow from game initialization when a channel is created, through bankroller and player account checks and despositing, actual gambling process, result computation and distribution of funds. Note that this file
  • GlobalGameLogicStore.ts
  • ChannelState.ts stores the logic behind state change during a game.
  • RSA.ts implements the encryption logic.

The index.ts file in the root folder of this repository imports the resulting configuration from the src/index.ts.

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