List github links to commits for a given user across all the repos and branches in an organization
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$ cnpm install @cypress/daily-commits 
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Daily Commits

A command line utility to list the GitHubs links to commits for a specific day.


npm install -g @cypress/daily-commits


daily-commits [options]


Option Default Description
org org set on first run The org whose repos to use. On first run, you will be prompted for an organization. The one you enter will be persisted and used by default. You can use this option to override the org you originally specify
date yesterday The date to list the commits for. Should be in the format YYYY-MM-DD
clear false If passed, your GitHub access token and organization will be cleared. You will be prompted for them again on the next run. A safety hatch if you make a mistake entering them.


Specify org:

# list commits for the organziation 'cypress-io'
daily-commits --org cypress-io

Specify date:

# list commits for the date June 23, 2016
daily-commits --date 2016-06-23

Clear data:

# clear out the data stored
daily-commits --clear

First run

On the first run, you will be prompted to enter a GitHub personal access token. This is used to read data from GitHub's API. Create the token, setting the following scopes:

Token Scopes

You will also be prompted to enter a GitHub organization name. Enter the name of the organization you want to list your commits for, for example, cypress-io.

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