Cutie extension for Events module in Node.
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$ cnpm install @cuties/event 
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Cutie extension for event module in Node. It's based on the Async Tree Pattern.


You can find examples of using this library in the test directory.


npm install @cuties/event

Run test

npm test

Run build

npm run build


const {
  // Needed async objects here from the table below
} = require('@cuties/event');

For more information about parameters in the async objects visit docs of Node for event module.

Async Object Async/sync call Parameters(default value/description) Representation result
EmittedEmitter emitter.emit emitter, eventName, ...args emitter
EmitterWithAdditionalListener emitter.addListener emitter, eventName, listener emitter
EmitterWithAdditionalOneTimeListener emitter.once emitter, eventName, listener emitter
EmitterWithAdditionalPrependedListener emitter.prependListener emitter, eventName, listener emitter
EmitterWithAdditionalPrependedOneTimeListener emitter.prependOnceListener emitter, eventName, listener emitter
EmitterWithMaxListeners emitter.setMaxListeners emitter, n emitter
EmitterWithNewListenerEvent emitter.once('newListener', listener) emitter, listener(Event with definedBody(event, listener)) emitter
EmitterWithRemoveEvent emitter.once('removeListener', listener) emitter, listener(Event with definedBody(event, listener)) emitter
EmitterWithRemovedListener emitter.removeListener emitter, eventName, listener emitter
EmitterWithoutAnyListeners emitter.removeAllListeners emitter, eventName emitter
EventNames emitter.eventNames emitter (string or symbol)[]
ListenerCount emitter.listenerCount emitter, eventName number
Listeners emitter.listeners emitter, eventName function[]
MaxListeners emitter.getMaxListeners emitter number

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