A tool to visualize Arduino data in the browser.
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Node.js app to visualize Arduino data in-browser


Install this globally and you'll have access to the node-arduino command anywhere on your system.

npm install -g node-arduino


node-arduino functions as a server, reading data from a serial port, and sending this data out through a web socket on port 8080. The native WebSocket browser object is used as the client in this connection.


visualizers/ in the node-arduino install directory contains the HTML and browser-side JavaScript for a variety of client visualizers:

  • graph - graphing utility using plotly.js
  • chroma - pH visualizer using chroma.js
  • color-scale - pH visualizer using a sliding, color-coded scale

Command-line flags

  • -p --port

    Specify a serial port to connect to.

    "node-arduino -p /dev/ttyACM0"

  • -b --baud

    Specify a baud rate for serial connection. Defaults to 9600 baud.

    "node-arduino -B 19200"

  • -v --visualizer

    Specify a visualizer to use with node-arduino. Defaults to graph.

    "node-arduino -v color-scale"

  • -d --delimiter

    Specify delimiter character(s) for parsing serial data. Defaults to \r\n, the Serial.println() delimiter.

    "node-arduino -d \n"

Arduino sketches for node-arduino

node-arduino will receive any information sent over the serial connection--just use the built-in Serial.println() function.

The graph visualizer interprets data based on headers; data should be formatted "header: value", where the header is something like "temp: " and the value is "21.50".

Please send any questions, comments, or bug reports to ethanmriley@gmail.com

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