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$ cnpm install @crossbrowsertesting/testcafe-browser-provider-crossbrowsertesting 
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This plugin integrates TestCafe with the CrossBrowserTesting Cloud.


npm install testcafe-browser-provider-crossbrowsertesting


Before using this plugin, save the CrossBrowserTesting username and auth key to environment variables CBT_TUNNELS_USERNAME and CBT_TUNNELS_AUTHKEY.

Setting Environment Variables for Mac OS X/Linux

In Terminal mode, enter vi ~/.bash_profile, and then press Enter. Press i to insert text into your profile file. Enter these lines:

export CBT_TUNNELS_USERNAME="your crossbrowsertesting username/email address"
export CBT_TUNNELS_AUTHKEY="your crossbrowsertesting auth key"

Press Escape. Hold Shift and press Z twice (z z) to save your file and quit vi. In the terminal, enter source ~/.bash_profile.

Check available browsers

You can determine the available browser aliases by running

testcafe -b crossbrowsertesting

Run tests

When you run tests from the command line, use the alias when specifying browsers:

testcafe "crossbrowsertesting:Internet Explorer@11:Windows 10" "path/to/test/file.js"

When you use API, pass the alias to the browsers() method:

    .browsers('crossbrowsertesting:Internet Explorer@11:Windows 10')


Use the following environment variables to set additional configuration options:

  • CBT_BUILD - Number of the build within your test to get a high-level view of build performance.
  • CBT_RECORD_VIDEO - Start a video recording of your screen during the test session. (max length 10 minutes)
  • CBT_RECORD_NETWORK - Start a recording of your network packets during the test session.
  • CBT_MAX_DURATION - By default, a test will have a maximum run time of 600 seconds (10 minutes). If you need more time you can change that by passing the max_duration capability along with a value.The highest value is 14400 seconds (4 hours). More details
  • CBT_CHROME_ARGS - Extra arguments to pass to Chrome. e.g. --autoplay-policy=no-user-gesture-required


Sijo Cheeran (https://synacor.com)

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