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$ cnpm install @creek/sync-cli 
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Creek Sync CLI

This command line interface (CLI) automatically uploads existing audio recordings of your live shows to the Creek API.


First, make sure that Node.js is installed on your system.

Then, run the following:

npm install --global @creek/sync-cli

Alternative Install

If you encounter issues while installing, try installing in your home directory.

# Go to your home directory.
cd ~

# Create a folder for the Sync CLI.
mkdir creek-sync

# Go into the new folder.
cd creek-sync

# Install (but this time, don't use "--global")
npm install creek-sync

# Run Sync CLI
node ~/creek-sync/sync.js \
  --path ~/path/to/recordings \
  --domain station-name.creek.fm \
  --time_format YYYY-MM-DD_HH-mm-ss \
  --key xxxxx


  • --path — Required.

    • Path to recordings directory.
  • --domain — Required.

    • Domain of station's Creek Studio.
  • --key — Required.

    • API Key for station.
  • --time_format — Optional. Defaults to: YYYY-MM-DD_HH-mm-ss

    • A moment.js-compatible time format string. Used when detecting dates within the filenames of recordings, and allows the CLI to match them with Broadcasts in the Creek API.

Example Usage

Note: Notice non-default --time_format. This parameter is otherwise optional (see above).

creek-sync \
  --path xxxxx \
  --domain station-name.creek.fm \
  --time_format "[recording]YYYYMMDD-HHmmss" \
  --key xxxxx


During development, the project can be run using the following, while within the repository:

npx babel-node sync.js --domain xxxxxxx.creek.fm --key xxxxxx --path /path/to/archives


  • Generally, audio recordings will be created by automated recording software in your studio.

  • This software should create recordings of your live audio feed that are split at each hour — or at each half-hour, if you have any half-hour shows.

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