Spark is a fully responsive framework crafted for scalability. Based on the principles of the ITCSS methodology this front-end springboard is flexible, fun to work with (we hope), and built for the future.
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Spark - M1

Spark is a utilitarian, ITCSS based, super scaleable front-end framework. It's built for the modern web and only supports modern browsers, oh and IE11, all for the benefit of web users everywhere.

The kit includes a flex based fluid grid, common comprehendible Javascript plugins and a tasty minimalist style for all your friendly neighbourhood web elements.

Quick Start

To get started with SprinBoard you can either npm install this package into your project or head over to the starter repo to get going with a barebones web project that includes this repo via npm.


This is a Sass based framework and you'll need something to compile all that sassy code. In-house we use npm scripts to watch for, check, compile, minify and display code changes fast.

All style properties are autoprefixed where required, all JavaScript code is transpiled using Babel, bundled using Rollup and minified using Uglify. Finally code changes are served to the browser whilst you develop your codebase in realtime using Browsersync.

The JavaScript setup here means you can code in whatever Babel supports and browser support for both the transpiled JavaScript and compiled CSS is based on the Browserlist array in package.json. This ensures that your JS & CSS code support the same browsers!


To get going with the framework you can:

In future sessions where you already have the dependancies you can just run npm start


Still in progress...

Supported Browsers


Supported Platforms


Thank you to @jackcoup for name inspiration!

Copyright © 2019 Creative Little Dots, ltd.

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