a data normalization and fetching library for sources with covid19 data
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COVID19 Scraper Interfaces

  • Normalized: This library makes it painless to pull normalized data about COVID19. This library addressed a key issue with data aggregators on the web today. The manner in which they obtain and parse their data is not clear to the public. It is the opinion of our team that your data is only as good as the way it was obtained and processed. Inviting the broader community to contribute to our efforts enables us to incorporate more sources and to be fully transparent about how we get our data.
  • Tested: All additions to this library require automated testing. Fortunately the way the interfaces are designed, lends itself to easy automated testing and external validation. All pull requests require integration with our testing framework.
  • Modular: This library is designed to allow developers to use one data source, or all of them; whatever your needs are. We have a registry class that you can pull specific source types and regions from. The library is designed to scale up to hundreds of different sources, so make a PR today!


If you're interested in viewing our sources you may do so here. If you have a suggestion for a source please open an issue. We ask that if you're going to suggest a source that you only submit 1st-party government sources at this time; we are not looking for other websites or aggregators. Thank you for your help!



See CONTRIBUTING for details on submitting patches and the contribution workflow.

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we follow Contributor Covenant v2.0


This library is GPL-3.0 Licensed

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