Fork: React Native confetti explosion and fall like iOS does.
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$ cnpm install @coorpacademy/react-native-confetti-cannon 
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npm install react-native-confetti-cannon
# or
yarn add react-native-confetti-cannon


import ConfettiCannon from 'react-native-confetti-cannon';

const MyComponent = () => (
  <ConfettiCannon count={200} origin={{x: -10, y: 0}} />


Name Type Description Required Default
count number items count to display required
origin {x: number, y: number} animation position origin required
explosionSpeed number explosion duration (ms) from origin to top 350
fallSpeed number fall duration (ms) from top to bottom 3000
fadeOut boolean make the confettis disappear at the end false
colors Array<string> give your own colors to the confettis default colors

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