A simple server for use with the Perspective API. Serves static content and provides an open endpoint to send requests for one attribute to, e.g. toxicity. This should illustrate how to send requests to the API.
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$ cnpm install @conversationai/perspectiveapi-simple-server 
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A Simple Server for the Perspective API

A simple demo server for use. It serves some static content from a specified directory, and provides proxy to the API in a way that enables the API-key to be kept private.

Quickly trying it out

# Install dependencies
yarn install
# Make sure the build directory is setup (has at least a copy of the template config)
yarn run setup
# Build the code (in build/)
yarn run build
# Start a dev server locally on port 8080
yarn run start-dev

Now you can visit http://localhost:8080/ and you should get a "hello world!" page.

Configuring the server

To configure the server, create a server_config.json file with the following fields.

  • "port": The port to run on. The default is 8081 for development and 8080 for production if this is left empty.

  • "staticPath": The path where the static html/css/js resources are located. Note that this path is relative to the directory of the run_server.js file, which is in your project's node_modules node_modules/@conversationai/perspectiveapi-simple-server/build/server/run_server.js

  • "googleCloudApiKey": The API key for your google cloud project.

  • "toxicityAttribute": The name of the attribute to use for toxicity scores. See the PerspectiveAPI documentation for more details.

  • "recaptchaConfig": An optional configuration for enabling reCAPTCHA v3 verification. This is empty by default. The requisite fields for this option are secretKey and threshold. See the Config interface in serving.ts for more details.

Note: The following can be done with npm as well as yarn, but yarn is recommended.

To use this server, run:

yarn add @conversationai/perspectiveapi-simple-server
yarn install

This will add the server to your node_modules folder.

Then, to run the server, call:

node node_modules/@conversationai/perspectiveapi-simple-server/build/server/run_server.js server_config.json


This is example code to help experimentation with the Perspective API; it is not an official Google product.

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