A linting tool for raml for commerce cloud and beyond
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$ cnpm install @commerce-apps/raml-toolkit 
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Raml Toolkit

A linting tool for raml for commerce cloud and beyond

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$ npm install -g @commerce-apps/raml-toolkit


The npm installs the binaries as both raml-toolkit and ramlint and they can be used interchangeably. You can always run with --help to get available options, currently the options are as follows.

  -h, --help                                show CLI help
  -p, --profile=(mercury, other-profile) profile to apply
  -v, --version                             show CLI version
  -w, --warnings                   Show all the warnings


In your Jenkinsfile just make sure you init npm and then its a very simple one line command

  stage('Init') {
      // Needed only for SFCI instances to add npm to the instance

  stage('Whatever') {
      sh "npx raml-toolkit --profile mercury file1.raml file2.raml etc.raml"

NOTE: Violations will return a non-zero exit code and fail the build, which warnings will still return a 0 exit code so the build will not fail with warnings

From your local machine

To check your RAML currently the CLI just takes a list of files

$ ramlint --profile mercury file.raml
# or
$ ramlint --profile mercury file1.raml file2.raml etc.raml

The response will look something like

Model: file://data-products-api-v1.raml
Profile: mercury
Conforms? false
Number of results: 2

Level: Violation

- Source: http://a.ml/vocabularies/data#require-api-description
  Message: The API Description must be set
  Level: Violation
  Target: file://data-products-api-v1.raml#/web-api
  Property: http://schema.org/description
  Position: Some(LexicalInformation([(2,0)-(1885,0)]))
  Location: file://data-products-api-v1.raml

- Source: http://a.ml/vocabularies/data#version-format
  Message: The version must be formatted as v[Major], for example v2
  Level: Violation
  Target: file://data-products-api-v1.raml#/web-api
  Property: http://schema.org/version
  Position: Some(LexicalInformation([(3,9)-(3,11)]))
  Location: file://data-products-api-v1.raml

 ›   Error: ./data-products-api-v1.raml is invalid

Let us look more closely at each of these errors.

The first error is saying that the API description is not set, but we need to have it set according to our standards. There is a "Position:" field in the response, but it is saying 2-1885. This happens to be the entire RAML document. Ranges like this will be common for "Missing" components since the parser doesn't know where you want to put it, but knows you need to put it somewhere.

The second error, however, is because it exists, but doesn't match our standard. There you can see that the position leads you to the exact line number and column of the non-conforming component.

When there are no more violations, the output will say it conforms, but also provide you with some warnings you might want to fix as well.

SDK Ready for Mercury

The default profile validates the following rules from the Mercury API Definition of Done

  • title MUST be set and not be empty
  • protocols MUST be HTTPS
  • version MUST be set and follow the pattern /v[0-9]+/
  • API must have a mediaType default of application/json
  • description MUST be set and not be empty
  • description MUST not include the word TODO
  • All resource paths MUST be lowercase (except path parameters)
  • Resource paths MUST not start with symbols
  • Methods MUST have a displayName set
  • Method displayName MUST be in camelCase
  • Methods MUST have a description field set
  • Method description MUST NOT contain the word TODO
  • queryParameters MUST be camelCase
  • Response codes MUST have a description
  • Response codes description MUST NOT contain the word TODO
  • baseUri must match the pattern - https://{shortCode}.api.commercecloud.salesforce.com/<api-family>/<api-name>/{version}


You can read all about our contribution model here!

Known issues and limitations

  • Currently works only with local files

Development Resources

Here is an AMF validation example from Mulesoft. This includes some custom rules you can use for reference when building rules.

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