A CLI utility for generating Joomla components
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$ cnpm install @combuilder/combuilder 
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A CLI utility for generating Joomla components

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Basic Usage

# Install via NPM
$ npm install -g @combuilder/combuilder
# Basic component creation. This component provides to the ablility to
# auto-fill component metadata and file level block comments
$ combuilder create COMPONENTNAME VIEWNAME -g -u http://yoursite.com
> com_COMPONENTNAME successfully created
$ combuilder --help [COMMAND]
  $ combuilder COMMAND


There is currently only a create command, for generating a basic Joomla component. More will be added in the future.

combuilder create [name] [view]

The create command builds a Joomla component with the name provided and a list and item view based on the view name provided. Most options are used to manipulate component metadata, such as component author, email, URL, etc. The -g option pulls author name and email from your global git configuration. If any of these options aren't provided they are simply left blank.

The -t option is used to specify a template to use. If no template option is provided, the default template is used.

creates a Joomla component based on options provided

  $ combuilder create NAME VIEW

  NAME  name of the component you wish to create
  VIEW  name of first view (item and list) to create

  -a, --author=author          author name for component metadata
  -c, --copyright              the copyright to use in the docblock and xml, defaults to current year and author if not specified
  -d, --createDate=createDate  created date for component metadata, current date is used if this option isn't present
  -e, --email=email            email address for component metadata
  -g, --useGit                 pull meta information from git configuration
  -h, --help                   show CLI help
  -u, --url=url                url for component metadata
  -t, --template=default       the template to use, default is used if none specified

  $ combuilder create NAME VIEW

combuilder help [COMMAND]

Displays a basic overview of the command requested.

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