Osseus modular web server
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$ cnpm install @colucom/osseus 
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Osseus modular web server


$ npm install @colucom/osseus

after installing update package.json to include "osseus": "~x.y.z" instead of "osseus": "^x.y.z"

see semantic-versioning

Osseus Modules

In order to use any one of those modules you should install it on your app


First, create index.js:

const Osseus = require('osseus')

const main = async () => {
  const osseus = await Osseus.init()


Basic example using CLI configuration


For more configuration options see osseus-config

Special module configurations


Osseus modules by default are loaded when they appear in the configuration.

You can specify explicitly whether to load a module or not using the OSSEUS_<MODULE-NAME>_LOAD configuration param which can be true or false (boolean)


You can write your own private osseus modules which you do not wish to publish to the public npm.

In order to use them you will need to specify explicitly that they are private using the OSSEUS_<MODULE-NAME>_PRIVATE configuration param which can be true or false (boolean)


You can write your own osseus modules and publish to the public npm under your own scope/organization.

In order to use them you will need to specify explicitly the scope of the module using the OSSEUS_<MODULE-NAME>_SCOPE configuration param.

By default modules are loaded from the @colucom organization.


For debugging purposes, osseus uses trace-and-clarify-if-possible. This module causes memory leaks so it can only be used in debug mode. To activate this module set USE_TRACE to true.


Osseus modules by default are initialized parallely.

In order for modules to initialize after specific modules we have the "dependencies" configuration setting.

Generally speaking, if you wish for one osseus module to initialize before another you'll have to add the following configuration param: OSSEUS_<MODULE-NAME>_DEPENDENCIES: ['<other-module-name>']

For example, if we wish to have an osseus-server but make sure we have osseus-logger before that we will add to our configuration: OSSEUS_SERVER_DEPENDENCIES: ['logger']


Please see contributing guidelines.


Code released under the MIT License.

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