Tools necessary for building Colabo.Space ecosystem
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$ cnpm install @colabo/tools 
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Colabo Tools

These are the tools to manage the Colabo.Space ecosystem

Before installing backend or frontend part of the Colabo.Space ecosystem you need to install Colabo tools as necessary for further installation phases.


# install tsc (TypeScript compiler)
sudo npm install -g typescript
cd tools
# install (and build (from TypeScript)) the Colabo Tools
# export the `colabo` tool globally
sudo npm run link


sudo rm -r /var/repos/colabo/src/tools/dist/*
sudo npm run link


You need to compile them first (they are written in TypeScript): tsc. There is a tsconfig.json file describing building procedure.

NOTO: Building should be done automatically during the installation process


After building you can run the tools:

# Show info of the backend aspect of the Colabo.space project
colabo ../backend/colabo.config.js puzzless-info
# equivalent (in the case you do not have not installed package)
node index.js ../backend/colabo.config.js puzzless-info
# equivalent (in the case you have only locally installed package)
# npx is available for npm > 5.2.0
npx colabo ../backend/colabo.config.js puzzless-info

# Offer backend Colabo.space puzzles to the local system
colabo ../backend/colabo.config.js puzzless-offer

# Install inside the project puzzles required for the backend Colabo.space
colabo ../backend/colabo.config.js puzzless-install

# debug the colabo tools
node --inspect= index.js ../backend/colabo.config.js puzzless-offer



Catch all warnings during the tool running process. For example, if some puzzle offering provide WARN, it should be collected and delivered to the final report. So Promises in the offerPuzzle() should return semantic result.

Chech more under: Parallel control flow in https://basarat.gitbooks.io/typescript/docs/promise.html


Make @types/chalk working properly: https://github.com/chalk/chalk/blob/master/types/index.d.ts Currently it is not recognized

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