Tools necessary for building Colabo.Space ecosystem
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$ cnpm install @colabo/cli 
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Colabo Tools

These are the tools to manage the Colabo.Space ecosystem or other systems that follow Colabo principles of healthy development:

  • Code modularization
  • Separating modules into independent (as much as possible) components that are possible to install separatelly as npm packages

NOTE: Before installing Colabo.Space ecosystem you need to install Colabo tools as necessary for further installation phases. It is similar with other Colabo-enabled systems.


Standard way of installing the tool is to run:

npm install -g @colabo/cli

After that the colabo tools are available simply by typing colabo in terminal.


NOTE: Very often colabo tools will be embedded in the build process of the project (for example, in the scripts.prepare property of the project's package.json file) and you do not need to deal with them manually.

# Show info of the colabo aspect of the backend part of the project
colabo ../backend/colabo.config.js puzzless-info

# Offer colabo puzzles to the local system
# (basically `npm link` for all puzles listed as offers in the `colabo.config.js`)
colabo colabo.config.js puzzless-offer

# Install inside the project all puzzles required for project
# (basically `npm link <npm_package_main_id>` for all puzles listed as dependencies in the `colabo.config.js`)
colabo puzzless-install

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