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$ cnpm install @codiechanel/simple-pack 
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simple-pack is my personal build tool for react apps, pretty much similar to create-react-app but less bloated.

While this build tool is working (I use this everyday), I don't recommend using it in production though. You can use this for learning purposes, or for kickstarting pet or prototype projects. If you want to deploy to production, I recommend using create-react-app, nwb. You can simply copy your source files.


  • Webpack 4
  • multi build options (react app, library, and backend via Netlify Lambda)
  • supports proxy. Redirect requests to your node api server.
  • Uses the latest Babel 7 that allows you to target specific browser versions. If you target only the latest browser, this means less babel plugins will need to be installed
  • Built-in post css
  • *one time global install (makes your project folder leaner)
  • Netlify lambda support. Now you have one build tool to compile react and node js scripts.
  • 68 mb install size.
  • support for assets/images in css via file-loader
  • supports url rewrite in dev't mode via historyApiFallback

Why I created this?

*the problem I have with create-react-app is that it installs react-scripts everytime I create a new project, taking up more hard drive space, and time to install. If you work on multiple projects, this could become a hassle. This is why I decided to create my own build tool.

To use

install globally (recommended):

npm i -g @codiechanel/simple-pack

then go to your project folder and simply run:


It assumes the following:

  • Your src folder is located at ./src
  • your build folder is located at ./dist

to install locally (not recommended):

npm i @codiechanel/simple-pack

However, if you have multiple projects, then npm installing this everytime would eat up a lot of space, which defeats the purpose of this build tool which was designed to be installed globally.


  • @babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties
  • @babel/plugin-proposal-object-rest-spread
  • @babel/plugin-proposal-decorators


  • Test
  • Streamline dependencies

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