> Scripts for building and maintaining TypeScript-based React libraries
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$ cnpm install @coderesque/resque-scripts-frontend 
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Scripts for building and maintaining TypeScript-based React libraries


yarn add --exact @coderesque/resque-scripts-frontend


Add the following scripts to package.json.

  "scripts": {
    "prebuild": "resque-scripts-frontend test",
    "build": "resque-scripts-frontend build",
    "test": "resque-scripts-frontend test",
    "css:lint": "resque-scripts-frontend css-lint",
    "ts:check": "resque-scripts-frontend ts-check",
    "ts:lint": "resque-scripts-frontend ts-lint",
    "ts:test": "resque-scripts-frontend ts-test",

Add a babel.config.json file in the same folder as package.json.

/* eslint-env node */
module.exports = require('@coderesque/babel-config-frontend');

Add a tsconfig.json file in the same folder as package.json.

  "extends": "@coderesque/typescript-config-frontend",
  "compilerOptions": {
    "outDir": "./dist",
    "rootDir": "./src"
> resque-scripts-frontend


Sequence tasks

These tasks will be run in silent mode, which means the output for each individual task will be minimal.


Run all necessary tasks to generate a fresh build in the dist folder.

  • empty-dist
  • ts-compile for development env
  • ts-compile for production env
  • ts-declarations
  • generate-license
  • filter-dist


Run all necessary tasks to test the quality of the project.

  • ts-check
  • ts-lint
  • ts-test
  • css-lint

Simple tasks

empty-dist (alias: clean)

Empty the dist folder.


Remove unwanted test and source map files from the dist folder.


Generate a project license in the dist folder.


Lint SCSS source files using stylelint.


Type-check TypeScript.


Compile TypeScript to JavaScript and put the output in the dist folder.


Generate TypeScript declarations.


Lint source files using ESLint.


Run tests using Jest.


This library is being published with our use cases in mind and is not necessarily meant to be consumed by the broader public. We probably won't take your feature requests unless they align with our own needs.



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