jumpstart cli is a easy to use tool with a few bolterplate project for Angular, Electron, Vue and more...
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$ cnpm install @codechavez/jumpstart -g
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jumpstart cli

jumpstart cli is a easy to use tool with boilterplate projects for Angular, Electron, Vue, and more...

Get Started

$ npm install -g @codechavez/jumpstart

Now, you have access to init an:

  1. Angular project based on the model that angular cli creates without tests.
    $ jumpstart i angular YOUR_PROJECT_NAME
  2. Angular with webpack congifuration. Project for those who like to be close to the metal and more control over configurations.
    $ jumpstart i angular-webpack YOUR_PROJECT_NAME
  3. MAES (Materialize Angular Electron SQLite) project ready to run and start building your desktop app cross OS. With webpack configuration and hot module replacement.
    $ jumpstart i maes YOUR_PROJECT_NAME
  4. Vue project with routing. Based what VueCli creates. ready to run and start building your Vue app.
    $ jumpstart i vue YOUR_PROJECT_NAME

The idea of this project is to have a centralized place to create the init project. and trying to avoid installing several CLI for the project you want to created. This project is meant for those who have a more indepth experience in configuration their own projects.

Get Involve

Please feel free to fork and request to add a your boilerplate code for the app you want. Just follow the structure we have establish.

#IMPORTANT This package is meant to install as a global resource only.

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