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$ cnpm install @code-blocks/prism 
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npm install @code-blocks/prism

Use with rehype or eleventy. See how here.


There is already an official syntax highlighting plugin for eleventy. If you are just going to highlight code blocks, use that instead. However, if you are using other @code-blocks renderers, it will break the official plugin.

This library only transforms code blocks into <span> elements for prism, you will need to add one of their CSS themes to your page.

Supported languages

abap abnf actionscript ada adoc agda al antlr4 apacheconf apl applescript aql arduino arff asciidoc asm6502 aspnet atom autohotkey autoit bash basic batch bbcode bison bnf brainfuck brightscript bro c cil clike clojure cmake coffee coffeescript conc concurnas context cpp crystal cs csharp csp css cypher d dart dax dhall diff django dns-zone dns-zone-file docker dockerfile dotnet ebnf editorconfig eiffel ejs elisp elixir elm emacs emacs-lisp erb erlang eta etlua excel-formula factor firestore-security-rules flow fortran fsharp ftl g4 gamemakerlanguage gcode gdscript gedcom gherkin git gitignore glsl gml go graphql groovy haml handlebars haskell haxe hcl hgignore hlsl hpkp hs hsts html http ichigojam icon iecst ignore inform7 ini io j java javadoc javadoclike javascript javastacktrace jinja2 jolie jq js jsdoc json json5 jsonp jsstacktrace jsx julia keyman kotlin kt kts latex latte less lilypond liquid lisp livescript llvm lolcode lua ly makefile markdown markup markup-templating mathml matlab md mel mizar monkey moon moonscript mscript n1ql n4js n4jsd nand2tetris-hdl nasm neon nginx nim nix npmignore nsis objc objectivec objectpascal ocaml opencl oz parigp parser pascal pascaligo pbfasm pcaxis pcode peoplecode perl php phpdoc plsql powerquery powershell pq processing prolog properties protobuf pug puppet pure purebasic px py python q qml qore r racket rb rbnf reason regex renpy rest rip rkt roboconf robot robotframework rpy rq rss ruby rust sas sass scala scheme scss shell shell-session shortcode sln smali smalltalk smarty sol solidity solution-file soy sparql splunk-spl sqf sql ssml stylus svg swift t4 t4-cs t4-templating t4-vb tap tcl tex textile toml trig ts tsx tt2 turtle twig typescript uc unrealscript uscript vala vb vba vbnet velocity verilog vhdl vim visual-basic warpscript wasm webmanifest wiki xeora xeoracube xls xlsx xml xojo xquery yaml yang yml zig

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