Command line interface to generate html files from markdown files.
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$ cnpm install @cmerot/md2html 
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Command line interface to generate html files from markdown files.

Special features:

  • transform PlantUML code into SVG
  • index documents with Elasticlunr, provide a very basic search interface via a React component.

I wrote this to have a quick preview of PlantUML diagrams in my code editor. The search engine is just for fun.

It uses the unified ecosystem to process markdown and html.


Usage: md2html [options]

-V, --version             output the version number
-w, --watch               watch for markdown changes
-s, --add-search          add a search input
-p, --transform-plantuml  process plantUML code blocks
-o, --output-dir <dir>    define output directory
-i, --input-dir <dir>     define input directory
-h, --help                output usage information


npm install -g @cmerot/md2html



  • ./bin/md2html: the CLI that generates html and copies the ./public content to the ouput directory
  • ./lib: the unified / remark / rehype processor libraries
  • ./src: the react app sources
  • ./public/search-palette.js: webpack bundle of the react app.

Build the search-palette app

yarn build
yarn build:prod
yarn watch

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