A CLI tool that scaffolds API documentation based on JSON Hyper-Schemas.
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$ cnpm install @cloudflare/doca 
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Doca is an API documentation site scaffolding tool.

The name also refers to the whole system involved in the resulting site. See the Cloudflare JSON Schema Tools monorepo README for a diagram of the system, as well as general requirements such as package management tool versions.


yarn global add @cloudflare/doca



doca init [-i schema_folder] [-o project_folder] [-t theme_name]

Doca goes through the current dir (or schema_folder), looks for **/*.json files and generates a web site in ./documentation (or project_folder). Doca has modular 3rd party themes. The default one is doca-boostrap-theme. It can be aliased just as bootstrap. This command should be used only once when you need to bootstrap your project.

To use the resulting web site:

cd project_folder
yarn install
yarn start


doca theme newTheme project

This sets a different theme newTheme to the project. It has two steps:

  • it calls yarn add newTheme inside of project
  • renames all doca-xxx-theme references to doca-newTheme-theme This can make destructive changes in your project. Always use version control!

A note about package scopes: While non-scoped themes can be referenced by their simple name (e.g. newTheme for doca-newTheme-theme), scoped theme packages such as @myscope/doca-abc-theme must be passed as the full package name, including the scope.


doca --help

This lists the commands and their syntax.

Further configuration

  • The config.js file contains the default base URI and request headers for the API.
    • Request headers can be overridden (but they are overridden and not extended).
    • With draft-04, the base URI cannot be changed. Support for draft-07's base is forthcoming.
  • The schema.js file contains the list of schemas, to which you may add. You can change the order of the schemas in the output by changing their order in this file.

Example usage

The repository includes some example schemas

git clone git@github.com:cloudflare/json-schema-tools.git
cd json-schema-tools
lerna bootstrap
cd doca/example-example-schemas/draft-04
doca init
cd documentation

That's it! Once installed, there are three ways to run the project:

  1. The development mode where you can make quick changes in your schemas and see the results immediately because of webpack and mighty hot reloading:
yarn install
yarn start
  1. A static production-ready app:
yarn install
yarn build
open build/index.html
  1. A static app built without any JavaScript:
yarn install
yarn build:nojs
open build/index.html


Themes are additional node modules. A Doca theme is just a set of React components and style sheets.

Currently, the only theme available is the @cloudflare/doca-default-theme from this same repository. For now, it simply displays the getting started text and the processed schemas. We will be gradually making this into a proper theme, but it can serve as a debuggging aid for anyone using the underlying tools or wishing to build their own theme from scratch.

The older public theme, doca-bootstrap-theme, only works with the older doca and not with this package, @cloudflare/doca).

You can install any theme with the command

doca theme THEME_NAME documentation

For non-scoped theme packages, you can use full name doca-THEME_NAME-theme or just shortcut THEME_NAME.

For scoped theme packages, you must use the full name @myscope/doca-THEME_NAME-theme


Note that this is the @cloudflare/doca package. It is a revision of an older package, simply named doca, which was written by @tajo. This package has the same design and most of the same code as the previous package, but uses a different set of back-end tools, which provide a different interface for the themes. In particular, the data structure seen by the themes is now a valid (although extended) JSON Schema.

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