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Clodui CLI

A command-line tool to create and manage websites in Clodui



Minimum requirements:

  • NodeJS v10.x or above

To install Clodui CLI run following command from your terminal.

npm install @clodui/cli -g
yarn global add @clodui/cli

Run the following command to verify the installation

clodui --version

For convenience, Clodui CLI has a login command which persists the logged-in session. Then you can run subsequent commands without passing credentials. It's useful in your developer workstation, however not required on a CI/CD environment.

To enable logged-in session persistence, Clodui CLI uses libsecret so you may need to install it before running npm install or yarn install command.

On Linux

Depending on your distribution, you will need to run the following command:

  • Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libsecret-1-dev
  • Red Hat-based: sudo yum install libsecret-devel
  • Arch Linux: sudo pacman -S libsecret


After installation you will be able access clodui command.

To see the list of available commands or help related to a particular command add --help or -h to the command.

clodui --help


clodui [command] -h


Login to your Clodui account

clodui login -u <username> -p <password>

To avoid entering credentials, you can set environment variables CLODUI_USERNAME and CLODUI_PASSWORD before running this command.


Logout from Clodui

clodui logout

Create Website

Website creation command

clodui website create -s <source-directory>

You can also change website settings like optimization, security or spa by providing appropriate options.


  --source-dir, -s    [string] [required]
  --optimization, -o  [string] [choices: "no", "basic", "standard", "full"]
  --security, -e      [string] [choices: "no", "basic", "standard", "full"]
  -p, --spa           [boolean]

Create or Update website

Create or update a website.

clodui website deploy -s <source-directory> -w <website-id>

A new website is created when --website-id option is not provided, otherwise changes are deployed to that website.

  --source-dir, -s  [string] [required]
  --website-id, -w  [string]

List your websites

List websites to which you have permission.

clodui website list

Website status

To see the status of your website

clodui website status --website-id <website-id>

Deploying changes

To deploy changes to an existing website

clodui deploy --website-id <website-id> create --source-dir <source-directory>

To publish the files on deployment include -p flag.

  --website-id, -w   Website id                               [string] [required]
  --source-dir, -s  Website files directory, defaults to current working
                    directory.                               [string] [required]
  --publish, -p     Auto publish deployment                            [boolean]

Publish deployment

To publish a deployment

clodui deploy --website-id <website-id> publish --deployment-id <deployment-id>

Redeploy deployment

To redeploy with the latest website settings

clodui deploy --website-id <website-id> redeploy --deployment-id <deployment-id>

To auto-publish when redeploying, pass --publish flag

  --website-id, -w     Website id                            [string] [required]
  --deployment-id, -d  Deployment id                         [string] [required]
  --publish, -p        Auto publish deployment                         [boolean]

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