semi-broken, mini lodash clone
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$ cnpm install @cliffgreene/lotide 
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A mini clone of the Lodash library.


BEWARE: This library was published for learning purposes. It is not intended for use in production-grade software. Some of it's function don't work as this isn't being formally evaluated and lighthouse labs works us 12 hours a day, any chance I have to do the bare minimum is an opportunity to save time that can be used for more fun things. The eqObject function worked very well after I spent half a day creating it. Now it's broken. I don't feel like debugging it. This project was created and published by me as part of my learnings at Lighthouse Labs.


Install it: (but don't, actually)

npm install @cliffgreene/lotide

Require it:

const _ = require('@cliffgreene/lotide');

Call it:

const results = _.tail([1, 2, 3]) // => [2, 3]


I'm afraid I'm also not going to spend time describing any of these functions, since they can't be depended on to actually do what they're supposed to:

head, tail, middle, assertArraysEqual, assertEqual, countLetters, countOnly, eqArrays, eqObjects, findKey, findKeybyValue, flatten, letterPositions, map, takeUntil

This is my solemn promise that if I ever create a NPM I can be proud of I WILL fill out the function descriptions.

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