Framework for building Node.js servers with Express on steroids!
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$ cnpm install @chisel/steroids 
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Express on Steroids!

Steroids helps building backend solutions with Node.js, Express, and TypeScript by introducing new components that are easy and fast to develop.

Here's a quick list of features Steroids provides:

  • TypeScript enabled
  • Powered by Express
  • Automatic code minification
  • Logic is encapsulated into "Services" and router middlewares are grouped as "Routers"
  • Routes are easily defined using the Router decorator
  • Built-in input validation mechanism with routers (request body, headers, query parameters, etc.)
  • Ability to extend the validation logic with custom validators
  • Dynamic route and service installation
  • Dynamic service injection without circular dependency issues
  • Path alias support for easier imports
  • Unit testing with Mocha and Chai
  • TypeDoc ready


npm install @chisel/steroids -g

Steroids Framework

You can read the official documentation to learn how to use Steroids to develop backend solutions.

CLI Usage

After installing Steroids globally, the sd command will be available with the following options:

  • sd new <name> [options]: Creates a new Steroids project. The project name should be in kebab case.
    • -m, --minimal: Skips setting up tests and examples.
    • --skip-examples: Skips setting up examples.
    • --skip-tests: Skips setting up tests.
    • --skip-npm-install: Skips installing dependencies.
    • --skip-git: Skips initializing git repository.
    • -v, --verbose: Verbose logging.
  • sd add <component> <name> [options]: Generates a router or service component under src/routers and src/services respectively. The component name should be in kebab case. If tests are setup, a test suite is also generated at test/src/routers or test/src/services.
    • -d, --directory <path>: A path relative to src to override the default component path.
    • --skip-tests: Skips generating test suite for the component.
  • sd path <operation> [alias] [target]: Manages TypeScript paths.
    • list: Displays a list of all existing paths.
    • new <alias> <target>: Creates a new path (target must be relative to src).
    • delete <alias>: Deletes a path.
  • sd build: Builds the source into dist.
  • sd run [options]: Builds and runs the server.
    • -p, --port <port_number>: Overrides the port number.
    • -w, --watch: Enables live reloading by watching the source files for changes.
  • sd test: Builds and runs the tests against the last server build.
  • sd docs [options]: Generates the documentation using TypeDoc inside docs directory.
    • -s, --serve [port_number]: Serves the documentation on port 7000 or the given port number.
    • -d, --directory <path>: A path relative to project root to override the default documentation directory.
  • sd --version: Displays Steroids version.
  • sd --help: Displays Steroids help. You can also use this option with any commands to view detailed usage information.


Creating a new project

Create a new project called My Project:

sd new my-project

Adding a router

Add a new router called UserAuth at src/routers/user-auth.router.ts:

sd add router user-auth

Adding a service

Add a new service called Firebase at src/services/firebase.service.ts:

sd add service firebase

Managing paths

List all TypeScript paths:

sd path list

Add a new path for modular validators at src/validators:

sd path new @steroids/validator/* validators/*.validator

Delete the models path:

sd path delete @steroids/models

Building the source code

Build the source into dist:

sd build

Running the server

Run the server on default port 5000:

sd run

Run the server on port 5003 with live reloading:

sd run --port 5003 --watch

Running the tests

Build and run the tests:

sd test

Generating the documentation

Generate the documentation at docs and serve on port 5004 with live reloading:

sd docs -p 5004 -w

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