Configure sprite sizing conventions
$ cnpm install @cfg.plat/configure-sprite-sizes 
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Configure Sprite Sizes

Configure sprite sizing conventions.

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This library will help keeping this rules consistent across different systems (same rounding and dynamic scales) without product specific configurations.


npm install git+ssh://git@bitbucket.org/fluidretail/configure-sprite-sizes.git --save


CLI interface

Generates intermediary scales when the width and height of scale 1 is provided.

./node_modules/.bin/configure-sprite-sizes --width 20000 --height 10000



As a Node.js module

Include the library on Node.js

const configureSpriteSizes = require("configure-sprite-sizes");


This method will return an array of scales that changes depending on the size of the original images.

const scales = configureSpriteSizes.getScales({
  width: 10000, // max width as defined on the admin
  height: 500 // max height as defined on the admin

scales now contains an array with the different sprite scales expected for a product. For example:

  {scale: 1, width: 10000, height: 5000},
  {scale: 0.6, width: 6000, height: 3000},
  {scale: 0.3, width: 3000, height: 1500}


Gets scale details that for downloading the sprites required to compose an image.

const scale = configureSpriteSizes.getSpriteScale({
  width: 10000, // max width as defined on the admin
  height: 500 // max height as defined on the admin
  scale: 0.5 // The scale the user requested

console.log(scale); // {scale: 0.6, width: 6000, height: 3000}

This allows us to find the smallest sprite size that can be downloaded to generate the image using the desired size.


Gets the base path for a sprite on S3. Takes a hash with the following properties (all required): customerId, workflow, productId, configVersion, scale.

const path = configureSpriteSizes.getSpriteBasePath({
  customerId: 1554,
  workflow: "prod",
  productId: 123456,
  configVersion: 67890,
  scale: 0.5
console.log(path); // 0963-1554/prod/123456/67890/0.5/

Note: per the S3 docs, its recommended to prepend the first few characters of an md5 checksum at the beginning of the object path in order to allow S3 to rebalance their index under the hood (done automatically).


make test

Continuous linting and testing

make dev

Releasing new versions

make release

The tasks release (same as release-patch), release-minor and release-major should be used for pushing new versions of the code.


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