Validate fluid-configurations generated files against schemas
$ cnpm install @cfg.plat/configurations-graph-validator 
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Configurations Graph Validator

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npm install @cfg.plat/configurations-graph-validator --save


You can use it this module in two different ways

  • Include the library on Node.js

var configurationsGraphValidator = require("configurations-graph-validator");

configurationsGraphValidator.validateCustomer(customerGraph, function (err, errors) {


configurationsGraphValidator.validateProduct(productGraph, function (err, errors) {


configurationsGraphValidator.validateUi(uiGraph, function (err, errors) {

  • Using as a cli

First run:

make setup
bin/generate-schema -g

That will generate two folders on lib: generated_data which will contain all the vertexs and generated_schemas which will contain the generated schemas. You'll have to manually copy the schemas into schemas folder on the root of the project and modify them in order to make them valid



Continuous linting and testing

make dev

Releasing new versions

make release

The tasks release (same as release-patch), release-minor and release-major should be used for pushing new versions of the code.


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