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$ cnpm install @cdimitroulas/typescript-scripts 
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This repository is used by me to standardise various configuration for Typescript codebases that I create. By using these scripts I am able to maintain the configuration in one centralized place rather than repeating the same process for each codebase.

Inspired by react-scripts and kcd-scripts.

Table of Contents


npm install @cdimitroulas/typescript-scripts


The typescript-scripts script will be available in node_modules/.bin/typescript-scripts so you can either reference it directly by using that path or use npx typescript-scripts. If you are using it from a package.json script, you can simply write typescript-scripts [script name].

  • init

    Initialises a repository for Typescript development. Currently it only checks that typescript is installed and creates a tsconfig.json file for you if it doesn't already exist.

  • lint [options] [files/dirs]

    Lints the specified files and directories. Defaults to checking for .js and .ts extensions.

    Will use the default eslint configuration file in @cdimitroulas/typescript-scripts if your repository does not have an .eslintrc or .eslintrc.json. You can also choose to extend the eslint configuration by adding this to your config file:

      "extends": "./node_modules/@cdimitroulas/typescript-scripts/.eslintrc.json"

    All the usual eslint flags can be passed to this script, they will be passed on to eslint.

  • format

    Formats all the files in the repository using prettier.

    If you would like to run prettier automatically as a pre-commit hook on staged files then:

    1. npm install --save-dev husky

    2. Add this to your package.json:

        "husky": {
          "hooks": {
            "pre-commit": "pretty-quick --staged"

    TODO - allow passing an argument to configure which files/folders should be formatted

  • run [entrypoint]

    Runs typescript files using ts-node. Useful for creating a run/start command which can be used to run a project for local development.

    For example, add a script to your package.json called dev which runs typescript-scripts run src/index.ts (replace the path to your project entrypoint)

  • test [files/directories/globs]

    Runs tests with mocha using ts-node to execute Typescript files. Pass --watch to watch for changes and rerun the tests automatically.

    Accepts all the usual mocha CLI flags and options.

  • compile

    Runs the tsc compiler.

    Accepts all the usual tsc CLI flags and options.

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