async-request is a wrapper for request that uses ES7 async functions.
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Use either of the available and well maintained request libraries that implmenet Promise interface, e.g. https://github.com/joepie91/node-bhttp

async-request is a wrapper for request that uses ES7 async functions.


let request = require('async-request'),

try {
    response = await request('http://gajus.com/');

    // response.statusCode
    // response.headers
    // response.body

    await request('http://gajus.com', {
        // This example demonstrates all of the supported options.
        // Request method (uppercase): POST, DELETE, ...
        method: 'POST',
        data: {
            foo: 'bar'
        headers: {
            foo: 'bar'
        proxy: '',
        // To create a new cookie jar.
        cookieJar: true,
        // To use a custom/existing cookie jar.
        // https://www.npmjs.com/package/tough-cookie
        cookieJar: new tough.CookieJar()
} catch (e) {


// Returns a wrapper for the request using predefined custom options.
request = request.defaults({headers: {foo: 'bar'}});

// Returns the current default options.
// {foo: 'bar'}

// Makes a HTTP GET request with {foo: 'bar'} headers.
await request('http://gajus.com');


async-request does not provide (expose) inbuilt debugging capabilities. Use a proxy (e.g. https://mitmproxy.org/) to intercept and analyze HTTP traffic.



Async function behavior has been accepted into stage 1 ("Proposal") of the ECMASCript 7 spec process in January 2014. This means that it cannot be used out of the box with node.js or iojs without a transpiler.

This library is using Babel to compile ES7 code into ES5. Refer to the ./gulpfile.js.


This library has been created as part of ES7 async function proposal research. It covers basic use of request. I do not advise to use it in production, though I will be testing it in several private projects and update as I go – contributions are welcome too.

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