A web application that provides UX card sorting, tree testing, and more.
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Table of Contents

Installation and Setup
After Install
Support / Improvement / Suggestions


A web application supporting multiple user experience (UX) research methods.

See the website for more information.


Installation and Setup

  1. Use one of the following
  1. Edit the secretHash value in app.js and provide your own unique value.

  2. Optionally edit the adminUser and set your own username.

  3. Edit the adminPassword value in app.js.

  4. Optionally set allowUserRegistration in app.js to allow users to register. Otherwise users can only be created by accounts with 'admin' access.

  5. Optionally setup Google authentication. See the wiki for details.

  6. Continue installation via source or via Docker.

Via Source

  1. Install Node.js

  2. Install MongoDB (3.0 or higher) or provide a connection to an existing server by editing the app.js file and setting the mongoURL. Kort uses the Mongoose package To optionally secure your MongoDB with a username and password, create a user for the kort database by doing the following:

    Open a Mongo commandline shell:

    mongo --port 27017

    Select the database:

    use kort

    Create the new user:

         user: "kort",
         pwd: "123",
        roles: [ { role: "readWrite", db: "kort" } ]

    Then edit /etc/mongodb.conf and enable auth=true. Restart the service. Make sure to set the mongoURL with the appropriate username and password.

  3. Run npm install on the commandline. This will install the dependencies into the node_modules folder.

  4. Run node app.js from the main directory. This will start the NodeJS server on the default port 3000.

Via Docker

  1. Install Docker

  2. Install docker-compose

  3. Build the containers

    docker-compose build
  4. Start the containers (use -d to run in detached mode)

    docker-compose up
  5. Stop the containers (when using detached mode)

    docker-compose down

After Install

  1. You can connect via http://localhost:3000

  2. The adminUser and adminPassword that is set in app.js is the username and password for the account that will be created upon first launch. Use this to login.

Support / Improvement / Suggestions

Open a Github issue.


Kort is licensed under the GPLv3.

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