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$ cnpm install @caporl/cli 
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Caporl CLI (aka fcs / First Class Soldier)

CLI for Caporl applications based on the Vorpal immersive command-line.

MIT license Caretaker

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npm install -g @caporl/cli


You can access fcs wherever you want, with the command


You will enter in the FCS mode, on the folder of your native cli, and you can get help with

caporl [your-actual-path] help

Beware, if you are not in a caporl project folder, you will only be able to use the project create command.

Autocomplete and direct call

You want to use command directly, without enter the fcs mode? yes you can!

It's just simple as typing a command, try to test

fcs help

To facilitate your work with Caporl over fcs, we given you the abaility to install the autocomplete of commands, just do :

fcs --install-autocomplete

Don't forget to reload your terminal or just source ~/.zshrc (.bashrc for bash)

Generating and serving a Caporl project

caporl [your-actual-path] create:project MyApp
caporl [your-actual-path/MyApp] start:dev

Navigate to http://localhost:4200/ for the front.

Navigate to http://localhost:3333/ for the api.

Both apps will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.

Availabled commands

You can find all possible commands in the table below

Command Usage
Create new project create:project [name]
Add a project part add:part (model, page, service) [name]
Start dev server start:dev --front --back


To update Caporl CLI to a new version, you must update both the global package and your project's local package.


First of all, we recommand you to generate the doc with node_modules/documentation/bin/documentation.js build bin/fcs -f html -o docs. You can check our issues, and contribute to our Schematics. We follow a git flow workflow, and trying to make cross reviews.



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