Node SDK for Networking Merchants Inc's (NMI) Three Step Redirect API, Query API, Direct API
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$ cnpm install @calistyle/nmi 
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Strongly typed Node SDK for Networking Merchants Inc's (NMI) Three Step Redirect API, Query API, and Direct API


npm install @calistyle/nmi


Module documentation

NMI Three Step Redirect API docs


All attribute names received from NMI will be converted to camelCase for uniformity. Attribute names sent to NMI will be converted to the appropriate hypen-case and param_case where appropriate. Additionally, some fields are aliased (e.g, postalCode => postal) to provide consistent access between the Three Step and Query APIs.

You can disable this completely by specifying transform: false in the configuration options.

Dispatched XML is generated by xmlbuilder.



const NMI = require('@calistyle/nmi').NMI
const nmi = new NMI({
  apiKey: 'your-key-here',
  username: 'your-username',
  password: 'your-password'


// create a sale
nmi.transaction.create('sale', {
  amount: 2.99,
  redirectUrl: '',
  billing: {
    firstName: 'John',
    lastName: 'Doe'

// execute a token

Handling Errors

try {
  let txn = await nmi.transaction.execute('<some-token>');

  // success!

catch(err) {

  if (err.isNMI) {
    // payment or gateway error - see err.response
  else {
    // connection or outside error


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