An optimizer for Buggy control flow graphs.
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Nitro is an optimizer for Buggy programs that uses graph rewriting.


You need to install Nitro with npm i -g @buggyorg/nitro in order to use it. The following options are available:

-f, --graphfile <graph file>   Set graph file to parse. If none is given stdin is read
-o, --out <graph output file>  Set a custom output file. If none is given, stdout is used.
-i, --include-intermediate     Print an array of all intermediate graphs.
--stats                        Print stats to stderr after optimizing the graph.
-v, --verbose                  Prints verbose output to stderr during optimization.
--keep-dead-code               Disable removal of unreachable code.
-h, --help                     Output usage information.
-V, --version                  Output the version number.

Example usage: nitro -f program.json --stats -v -o program_optimized.json


You can use Nitro (or maybe certain rewrite rules) easily using the its API.

import { optimize, applyRule, rewriteRules } from '@buggyorg/nitro'
  • optimize(graph, options = {})
    Optimize the given Buggy port graph (as graphlib graph). Returns an object { graph, stats } with graph being the optimized graph and stats being statistics about the optimization.

    Supported options:

    • rules: Array of the rewrite rules to use, defaults to all rewrite rules.
    • keepDeadCode: Whether to disable the rewrite rules that remove dead code, only works if rules is not specified.
    • onRuleApplied: A function that is called whenever a rewrite rule was applied. The only argument it is called with is the used rewrite rule.
  • applyRule(graph, rule)
    Apply a single rewrite rule on the given graph. Returns true if the rule changed the graph and false if it didn't.

  • rules
    An object-map of the available rewrite rules. The keys are the IDs of the rules that may be used in the options above.

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