CA View® Plug-in for Zowe CLI.
$ cnpm install @broadcom/caview-for-zowe-cli 
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CA View® Plug-in for Zowe™ CLI

The CA View® Plug-in for Zowe™ CLI lets you interact with CA View data through a Zowe CLI plug-in.

Use cases

The plug-in lets you perform the following operations on CA View® data:

  • Query repositories (CA View databases), reports, and export rules.
  • Query report logical views and index values.
  • Search for report data using cross-report indexes.
  • Download report data and convert text reports to PDF.
  • Use predefined export rules to export text reports to spreadsheets.
  • Query and change user settings.

Software requirements

Before you install and use the plug-in:

  • Install Zowe CLI.
  • Ensure that a CA View® Web Viewer 14 instance is installed and running in your mainframe environment. The instance must meet one of the following minimum requirements:
    • Release 14 service pack 0000.
    • Release 14 service pack INC00 with PTF SO10218 applied.


To install the @latest version of the plug-in, issue the following command:

$ zowe plugins install @broadcom/caview-for-zowe-cli

Note: The @latest npm tag installs an active development version of the plug-in, which accepts breaking changes. You can use different npm tags to install other versions of the product. For more information about tag usage, see NPM Tag Names.

Create a Profile

You can configure a caview profile to avoid typing your connection details on every command. A profile contains connection and authentication information for a CA View® Web Viewer 14 REST API instance of your choice. You can create multiple profiles and switch between them if necessary.

Obtain the following information:

  • HTTP connection information for your CA View® Web Viewer 14 REST API.
  • Authentication information for the chosen instance.

To create the profile, issue the following command:

$ zowe profiles create caview myProfile --protocol https --hostname lpar1.company.com --port 1443 --username johndoe --password secret

For a full specification of the available options use the --help argument:

$ zowe profiles create caview --help

Getting Started

To get help for the available command groups, issue the following command:

$ zowe caview --help

For example, you might start by listing the available repositories:

$ zowe caview list repositories

To obtain context sensitive help, append the --help argument to your command. For example, to get help with the list reports command, issue the following command:

$ zowe caview list reports --help

Uninstall the Plug-in

To uninstall the plug-in, issue the following command:

$ zowe plugins uninstall @broadcom/caview-for-zowe-cli

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