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$ cnpm install @brightsole/new 
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What is it?

<summary> tl;dr: Quick-as-lightning project instantiator. </summary>

I write tons of little apps in my free time. CLIs, frontends, packages, serverless projects... etc. The problem is, probably 75% of my time is taken up by dumb, mindless grind-work getting things like eslint/ava/process flow put together, and it's really hampered how quickly I can churn things out.

So this repo is a meta-repo. It allows you to instantiate a new project, in a style I find agreeable, in mere seconds. It doesn't hide anything, it doesn't magic away anything that isn't just completely dull as dishwater. It's just here to let me build. fast.

If there's anything in here that can be removed, it probably already has been. But make no mistake, I'm making some choices here. Every project uses ava. Every project uses reasonable prettier/eslint rules. Every project is tied to a github repo. Custom configuration at instantiation time is a luxury for when this tool is used by anyone not named one19, and only then. I will be debating optionally adding typescript to some things, same with flow. Otherwise, it'll be super duper barebones and no frills. Open an issue if you'd like, but a PR would be infinitely preferrable to my sanity, and yours, whomever you are. I hate this configuration shit, and this project is made to help me escape it, please don't drag me into more of it if you don't have to.

How to use it?

<summary> tl;dr: yarn global add @brightsole/new && new TYPEOF SOMETHING </summary>

You can create a variety of project types:


<summary> tl;dr: new cli [new-location-folderName] -[options] </summary>

New can create an easy-to-start-with cli project with the command: new cli. It takes one argument, the folderName, and tries to use that as the app name. You may also specify an alternate to override it with -n. More options forthcoming.

The new cli has a few nice features: signale, for a running log cli system, commander the standard of excellence for consuming & using command line arguments & options, lodash and ava for testing.

Arg Longform Description Example
* folderName/name of the new project new cli <folderName>
-n --pretty-name custom internal name to override folderName new cli ../bingle -n 'super-bingle'


<summary> tl;dr: new front [new-location-folderName] -[options] </summary>

New also allows you to create a new frontend project. It has a few nice features: ava for testing, parcel-bundler for hot reload and production builds, axios for network requests, styled-components anc chroma-js for :nail_care:, and a-plus-forms and a-plus-forms-json-validator for forms & validation.

Arg Longform Description Example
* folderName/name of the new project new front <folderName>
-n --pretty-name custom internal name to override folderName new front ../bingle -n 'bingle-frontend'


<summary> tl;dr: new package [new-location-folderName] -[options] </summary>

New also allows you to create a new package project. It has a very few nice features: pretty much just ava for testing. It just helps you get your foot in the door that much faster.

It's very likely this will be the first project to have typescript inclusion.

Arg Longform Description Example
* folderName/name of the new project new package <folderName>
-n --pretty-name custom internal name to override folderName new package ../qul -n 'qul-dev'


<summary>tl;dr: LOTS</summary>


  1. tool for adding travis setup
  2. command for telling travis to test repo
  3. command for instantiating codeClimate
  4. command for grabbing token for coverage upload and giving it to travis
  5. tool for snyk setup
  6. command for telling snyk to watch the repo


  1. project instantiation
  2. create the cli tool for it


  1. rework its shebang to have options like the following:
  2. code transpilation
  3. typescript type compilation


  1. add it to project-status
  2. generate a couple badges
  3. add it to travis-ci
  4. report coverage
  5. report test percentage
  6. report code quality
  7. pre-build clean hook
  8. read git username dynamically from global environment
  9. option to specify git repo location in entirety
  10. post-create hooks to yarn and git-init
  11. properly good tests for cloner util

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