React Native Wrapper around Zopim Zendesk Chat
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Simple module that allows displaying Zopim Chat from Zendesk for React Native.


For RN version higher than 0.30 use version >= 0.1.x

For RN version lower than 0.30 use version 0.0.2.

Since version 0.2.0 department is set to ZDCPreChatDataRequiredEditable.

Known issues

I could not find how to make the import for iOS work properly since I'm using Cocoapods for Zendesk, if you have a suggestion that would be great.

Getting started

Follow the instructions to install the SDK for iOS and Android.

Manual install


  1. npm install react-native-zendesk-chat --save
  2. In Xcode, drag and drop node_modules/react-native-zendesk-chat/RNZendeskChat.m and node_modules/react-native-zendesk-chat/RNZendeskChat.h into your project.
  3. Configure ZDCChat in AppDelegate.m:
#import <ZDCChat/ZDCChat.h>

[ZDCChat initializeWithAccountKey:@"YOUR_ZENDESK_ACCOUNT_KEY"];


  1. npm install react-native-zendesk-chat --save
  2. Open up android/app/main/java/[...]/MainActivity.java
  • Add import com.taskrabbit.zendesk.*; to the imports at the top of the file
  • Add new RNZendeskChatPackage(this) to the list returned by the getPackages() method
  1. Append the following lines to android/settings.gradle:
include ':react-native-zendesk-chat'
project(':react-native-zendesk-chat').projectDir = new File(rootProject.projectDir,	'../node_modules/react-native-zendesk-chat/android')
  1. Insert the following lines inside the dependencies block in android/app/build.gradle:
compile project(':react-native-zendesk-chat')
  1. Configure ZopimChat in android/app/main/java/[...]/MainActivity.java


In your code add import ZendeskChat from 'react-native-zendesk-chat';.

  name: user.full_name,
  email: user.email,
  phone: user.mobile_phone,
  tags: ['tag1', 'tag2'],
  department: "Your department"


  • Allow setting form configuration from JS
  • Add examples

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