A Bluerain plugin that integrates google map for web app.
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$ cnpm install @blueeast/bluerain-plugin-web-gmap 
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This bluerain plugin is built on react-gmaps


Run the following command in the plugin directoy:


npm i --save @blueeast/bluerain-plugin-web-gmap

Then in your boot function, pass the plugin like this:

import BR from '@blueeast/bluerain-os';
import WebGMapPlugin from '@blueeast/bluerain-plugin-web-gmap';

    plugin: [WebGMapPlugin]


This plugin registers following component in Component Registry.

  • GMap



Extends Plugin

A BlueRain Plugin built on web-gmap to View Google Maps in React apps.


  • pluginName string "WebGMapPlugin"
  • slug string "web-google-map"

Universal Props

Name Type Default Description
Region object The region to be displayed by the map.The region is defined by the center coordinates and the span of coordinates to display.
onMarkerDragEnd func Callback that is called when the Mark pointer changes.

Specific Library Props

Name Type Default Description
width string TThe width of the map.
height string The height of the map.
zoom number The user able to pinch/zoom the map.
draggable boolean If false the user can't drag the map.
params object Params are the default object value of Google Api 'Key' and 'V' value.

How to Use

import React from 'react';
import { BlueRainConsumer, BlueRain } from "@blueeast/bluerain-os";

const onDragEnd = (e) => {
      const { latLng } = e;
      lat = latLng.lat();
      lng = latLng.lng();
const appPage = (props) => {
    return (
        {(BR: BlueRain) => {
          <BR.Components.GMap zoom={15}
                region={{ latitude: lat, longitude: lng }} />

export default appPage;

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