Easily pull databases and files from Pantheon to a local MAMP instance.
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$ cnpm install @bluecadet/bcdb -g
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Easily pull databases and files from Pantheon to a local MAMP instance.


Install MAMP

Install Terminus

In Terminal, run:

$ cd ~

$ curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pantheon-systems/terminus-installer/master/builds/installer.phar && php installer.phar install

If you do not have a Pantheon Machine token, generate one. Copy the machine token to your clipboard

Authenticate Terminus in Terminal:

$ terminus auth:login --machine-token=[MACHINE_TOKEN_VALUE]

Additionally, generate and/or add an SSH key. This will allow you to easily pull files from a site.

Install BCDB

$ npm install -g @bluecadet/bcdb



After installing BCDB, run bcdb config. You will be asked to enter your Pantheon Machine Token.


In a project root directory, run bcdb init. This will ask a series of questions to initialize project configuration.

pull [--force] [-f] [--exclude=file/path]

Run bcdb pull to pull a database or files from a specfic Pantheon enviornment

To override the backup expiration and force a new database backup to be created, use the --force or -f flag:

$ bcdb pull -f

You can optionally pass directories or other rsync exclude parameters with the --exclude= argument. Seperate excludes with a comma:

$ bcdb pull --exclude=files/path
$ bcdb pull --exclude=files/path,another/path

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