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$ cnpm install @blockware/blockctl-command-registry 
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blockctl "registry" command

Enabled pushing, cloning, and pull image from blockware registry


The registry command automatically calculates the next semantic version whenever you push. This is done by comparing the block versions and the logic is as follows:

  • If nothing is added, updated or removed in your block.yml it will increment the patch version
  • If nothing is updated or removed - but some things have been added in your block.yml it will increment the minor version
  • If anything is updated or removed in your block.yml it will increment the major version

Versioning validation

If you disable auto-versioning (```--auto-versioning false``) the command will still verify your version and perform the following checks:

  • Ensure the version does not exist
  • Verify your new version against the latest version - to make sure it follows proper semantic versioning (See auto-versioning paragraph for logic)


The registry command has its own registry file in ~/.blockctl/registry.yml. The configuration determines what blockware and docker registry to use.

Example configuration can be seen below:

  url: https://registry.blockware.com
  organisationId: my-company
    registry: my-private-docker-repo.com

The above configuration will result in all docker images being prefixed with my-private-docker-repo.com/my-company/. E.g. for a block named users the docker image would be named my-private-docker-repo.com/my-company/users.

To use the default docker registry (DockerHub) omit the docker registry configuration:

  url: https://registry.blockware.com
  organisationId: my-company

organisationId is used as part of the naming for docker images - this should be equivalent to your DockerHub organisation name.

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