A simple wrapper for NodeJS Lambda calls that logs every invocation in lambda with useful metadata
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$ cnpm install @bitgenics/honey-lambda-logger 
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The problem

Lambdas are amazing, but as soon as you have more than a handful of them logging & monitoring them becomes unwieldy. Creating alarms for every individual lambda isn't really an option and creating one for all lambdas is an exercise in frustration.

Cloudwatch: "Your threshold of 3 errors in 5 minutes is breached"
Me: That is bad! Which ones are giving errors?
Cloudwatch: "Your threshold of 3 errors in 5 minutes is breached"
Me: But where are the errors?!
CLoudwatch: "Your threshold of ... "
Me: Aaarrrrggghhhhh..

The Solution

This library is designed to wrap all NodeJS invocations and automagically suck all metadata into honeycomb. 90% of your data needs can be met with a quick:

const hll = require('@bitgenics/honeycomb-lambda-logger')

const handler = async (event, context) => {
  .....//Your regular lambda

module.exports = hll(handler)

NOTE! Currently honey-lambda-logger only works on async handlers and ignores the node6 callbacks or even early context.done type callbacks.


Configuring hll is done through two environment variables

  • HONEYCOMB_WRITE_KEY: Your write key for Honeycomb.
  • HLL_DATASET: And surprise surprise, the Dataset to log to.


We do give you a lot of control of what exactly should go to Honeycomb. Here are the options you can pass to hll(handler, options)

  • meta: An object that gets passed to honeycomb as-is. Use this for any static information about the Lambda, such as what module it is from.
  • transformEvent: Function with signature (event) => {}. We automatically extract any AWS specified metadata supplied in the event and context objects. But this function allows you to extract data from the event payload.
  • transformResult: Function with signature (result) => {}. We do not automatically log anything from the return value of the handler. If you do want to log something, this is your chance.
  • transformErr: Function with signature (err) => {}. We already log everything on the Error object, but maybe you want it in a different format?
  • rethrowErr: Boolean, default true. Whether or not to rethrow the error after logging it.
  • parseMetadata: Boolean, default true. If you don't want to parse the metadata associated with the event, you can disable it here.

Log Output


For more information on most of these settings, see: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/lambda/latest/dg/nodejs-prog-model-context.html

Name Description
context.accountId The AWS accountId running the Lambda.
context.awsRequestId The identifier of the invocation request.
context.callbackWaitsForEmptyEventLoop Send response immediately without waiting.
context.functionName The name of the Lambda function.
context.functionVersion The version of the function.
context.invokedFunctionArn The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) used to invoke the function.
context.invokeid context.awsRequestId, but different?
context.logGroupName The log group for the function.
context.logStreamName The log stream for the function instance.
context.logUrl A URL to the correct LogStream with a filter for this request.
context.memoryLimitInMB The amount of memory configured on the function.
context.region The region the Lambda ran in.


Name Description
cold_start Is this a cold start of the function?
costInMicroDollar The cost in microDollars. The $ price of a million requests
costUnits 1 cost unit = lowest possible charge: 100ms of 128Mb Lambda
durationInMs How long the execution took in milliseconds
err The error object
likely_timeout 250ms before the lambda times out we log an event with likely_timeout set
remainingMs How many milliseconds are left


If we can determine what type of event triggered the Lambda we will log as much as information as we can. Currently we only parse DynamoDB and SNS Notifications. We are working on API Gateway and S3 events.

All (some?) events

Name Description
event_meta.accountId The AWS accountId of the source of the event.
event_meta.awsRegion Region of the source.
event_meta.eventSource The system responsible for the trigger (ie aws:sns)
event_meta.eventSourceARN ARN of the source of the event.
event_meta.eventVersion Event version.
event_meta.records_length The amount of records in this event.

DynamoDB events

Name Description
event_meta.dynamodb.StreamViewType The StreamViewType of the DynamoDB Stream.
event_meta.dynamodb.records Array of Objects with all Key, eventName and eventID for every record

SNS events

Name Description
event_meta.sns.MessageAttributes.<Attribute> There is a column for every MessageAttribute and their value
event_meta.sns.MessageId MessageId
event_meta.sns.TopicArn Arn of the SNS Topic the notification is from.
event_meta.sns.Type Type of message.

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