SynBioCAD can run in several different configurations.
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$ cnpm install @biocad/biocad 
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SynBioCAD is an open-source, Web-based computer aided design (CAD) tool for synthetic biology built on the SBOL standard.

Things you can do so far:

  • Visualization of SBOL2 designs inc. ModuleDefinitions and interactions
  • Drag and drop modification of designs
  • Sequence editing

Many more features are planned. Watch this space!


SynBioCAD can run in several different configurations.

Local webapp

node dev-server.js ./webpack_browser.config.js

Then load http://localhost:9999/index.html in a Web browser

Local offline

yarn install
node dev-server.js ./webpack_nodejs.config.js

Then run node bundle_cli.js testall to test all examples in testfiles

Web service

As a Web service, SynBioCAD accepts POSTed SBOL/GenBank files and returns SVG.

First follow the local offline instructions, then run:

node bundle_cli.js server 8080

Or use the provided Dockerfile.

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