A JavaScript library for memoizing the result of a pure function
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$ cnpm install @bigcommerce/memoize 
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This library can be used to memoize the result of a pure function.

Unlike the default memoize function provided by Lodash, it can be applied to functions that accept multiple non-primitive arguments. It can also be configured to expire its cache after certain number of unique calls. By default, it compares object-based arguments shallowly; but it can be configured to compare arguments strictly or deeply depending on your usage requirement.


You can install this library using npm.

npm install --save @bigcommerce/memoize


To memoize a function

function fn(a, b) {
    return { a, b };

const memoizedFn = memoize(fn);
const result = memoizedFn({ message: 'hello' }, { message: 'world' });
const result2 = memoizedFn({ message: 'hello' }, { message: 'world' });



To release:

npm run release

To see other available commands:

npm run



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