Template generator for React projects.
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$ cnpm install @benyap/react-template-generator 
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React Template Generator

Don't work harder, work smarter.

A simple CLI tool used to help scaffold React components from custom templates for your project = efficiency and consistency.


  1. Use Node 10.

  2. Install the package:

yarn add -D @benyap/react-template-generator
  1. Create a configuration file in your project root called reactgenconfig.json. Learn how to configure it.

  2. Create your templates in your project root in a folder called templates. Learn how to create templates.

  3. Run a simple command* to generate your component.

yarn reactgen <name>

* If using npm, as this to your package.json:

  "scripts": {
    "reactgen": "reactgen"

and use npm run reactgen <name> to generate your component.


See an example configuration here. Treat the example folder as the project root.

Why Generators?

From Plop:

Because when you create your boilerplate separate from your code, you naturally put more time and thought into it.

Because saving your team (or yourself) 5-15 minutes when creating every route, component, controller, helper, test, view, etc... really adds up.

Because context switching is expensive and saving time is not the only benefit to automating workflows.



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